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The Grace message is being taught and written by Pastor Glynn Cummings with the purpose of making the grace of God known to our generation. He presently pastors at Grace Church of Cameron, Texas, which Glynn Cummings and Vanessa Cummings established in 1994.

We have CD’s of sermons and booklets written by Pastor Glynn Cummings.



Email us with your address and we will be glad to mail you a CD or your choice of booklets below. Or send a letter to P. O.Box 1145 Cameron Texas 76520

Booklets Available:

  1. Safe, Secure and Rewarded
  2. His Perfect Love
  3. Law or Grace: “What’s The Difference?”
  4. Since The Law Can Not Save Us, Why Was It Given?
  5. The Key To Victory: Receiving The Word.
  6. Winning The Battle Of The Mind.
  7. Overcoming The World- Feed Your Faith.
  8. How To Get God On Your Side.
  9. Know The Gospel – Share The Gospel.
  10. Turning Your Mountain Into A Plain.
  11. How To Be A Success In Life.
  12. Discover Your Purpose In Life.
  13. Married By The Grace Of God.
  14. Parenting By The Grace Of God.
  15. The Power Of A Made Up Mind.
  16. You Choose Your Attitude.
  17. The Truth About Tithing.
  18. Rightly Dividing The World Of Truth.
  19. Spirit Versus Soul – Salvation- There is a difference.
  20. Make Life What You Want It To Be.
  21. The New You: Positive, Optimistic And Full Of Hope.
  22. The Power Of The Word, Hear It, Accept It And Bear Fruit.
  23. Seeking First His Kingdom, It May Not Be What You Think.
  24. What Makes Grace So Hard To Accept?
  25. Questions Concerning Salvation.
  26. My Personal Journey Into The Grace Of God.
  27. Free From Rules – Joined to Christ.
  28. Not Without Law – Under The Law Of Christ.
  29. Why Some People Don’t Like Christians.
  30. Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?
  31. You Are Among The Called.
  32. Everything In Your Christian Life Is Free.
  33. He Left His Home To Bring You Home.
  34. What Is Death Like For A Christian?
  35. Don’t Come Down And Meet With The Enemy.
  36. The Law Tells You What To Do- Grace Tells You How.
  37. Finding Gods Will For Your Life.
  38. God Never Asked You To Live The Christian Life.
  39. I Don’t Feel Like A Very Good Christian.


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