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I am new to Grace church and I have enjoyed what I have experienced so far. The music is spirit filled and the sermons are moving and life changing. My kids love going to Sunday church.

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This church has been our home for over 10 years. The teachings at Grace have helped me to realize that Jesus loved me enough to die for me and THAT has changed my heart and life...

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I always thought I had to earn my way to heaven through works. I learned at Grace that the Lord did it all on the cross for me. That Through what Jesus did for me on the cross is my salvation...

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"As a result of the the teachings at Grace Church & revelation of His wonderful & marvelous Grace, my life has more peace, joy, freedom & security than I could have ever imagined."

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As suicidal alcoholic veteran who always thought God was looking the other way when all my mates were being killed in the war all around me, I never cared much about church or religion...

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